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February Is National Pet Dental Health Month!

We Are Offering a $25.00 Discount On All Dental Cleanings During The Month of February!

Let's face it, "dog breath" is not pleasant, no matter how much you adore your dog or cat. Dental health is a very important part of your pet's overall health. Bad breath is one of the most common complaints owners have about their pet. However, this common symptom can be an indicator that more is going on in your pet's mouth than just tartar build-up. The fact is, about 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over the age of 3 suffer from dental disease. Detecting and treating this disease early will help prevent pain and discomfort for your pet, avoid unnecessary organ damage and increase your pet's life span.

Dental disease is a painful condition affecting your pet's gums, tooth roots, bone and nerves. Bacteria can even enter the bloodstream, causing damage to the liver, kidneys and heart.

 Signs of dental disease can be very subtle. They can include:

* Bad Breath

* Broken or loose teeth

* Bleeding from anywhere in the mouth

* Frequently dropping food when eating

* No longer showing interest in favorite chew toys or rawhides

* Drooling or pawing at mouth

* Eating on only one side of the mouth      

* Changes in social behavior or unwillingness to eat

Two easy ways for pet owners to detect dental disease are the "sniff test" and "flipping the lip". Smelling bad breath from your pet often tells us there is excessive bacteria in your pet's mouth, if not infection or abscessed teeth. Lifting their lip up every so often to visualize the gums and tartar build-up will inform you as well. However, the best way to determine your dog or cat's oral health is to schedule an exam with your veterinarian for a complete assessment.

Oral health is no laughing matter. Good dental care can increase your pet's life span by 10-20%! It is a vital role in every animal's overall health. Please make your pet's oral health care a priority today!